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Volunteering & projects

Mooresville, North Carolina

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Depending on the season or events happening, there will be a variety of volunteers needed to get things accomplished. We will continue to add to the list as needs arise.

Current Projects:

  • Tabernacle Ceiling Tiles - The interior of the tabernacle has been completed! The exterior sections will be done at a later date. We are accepting donations towards the completion of the exterior sections of the tabernacle ceiling.

Volunteer Needs

  • Workdays May 25, 2019 beginning at 9:00 a.m. - We will be cleaning up and getting the camp ready for June's camp meeting

Workdays May 25, 2019

Grounds/Remaining BuildingsTabernacleDormsDining HallBlock Building
LawnClean benchesGeneral CleaningGeneral CleaningGeneral Cleaning
Fire Ant ControlMove PianoCheck beds/mattressesSetup tables/chairsClean linens
Check Smoke Detectors in all BuildingsSweepStock paper productsStock paper productsStock paper products
Stock Paper Products & General CleaningPut rugs outCheck AC filters
Check AC filters

(Other tasks as needed during workdays.)

  • During Camp Meeting
    • Nursery Workers all nights June 20 through June 30 (contact Stephanie Young, Children's Ministries Director)
    • Preschool Workers June 20-30 (contact Stephanie Young)
    • Donations of desserts to Deanna Smith for Youth Camp