• New dates to be announced, 9am-2pm
  • TBA: Children's/Nursery House touch up paint, hang blinds
  • TBA: Activity Room build set, build torpedo ball tables, hang window blinds

Volunteering & projects

On-going Project Needs

  • Repairs to the large posts that hold up our tabernacle are in dire need of replacement and repair. We have had detrimental termite damage. Funds are being raised to complete this work.
  • The large boys dorm repair needs: the water line to the dorm is broken, water heater needs to be replaced, multiple places where drywall needs to be replaced and/or patched.
  • Thomas Cabin: a pane in the front door is broken, a window in the back is broken, roof needs to be replaced, and there are other substantial repairs to the rooms at the back.
  • Old trailer on site: the lines need to be disconnected and trailer hauled away.
  • In the meantime, other needs will be posted when workdays are scheduled.

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Depending on the season or events happening, there will be a variety of volunteers needed to get things accomplished. We will continue to add to the list as needs arise.

Invest in the Future

Restore and Renew

Enjoy the Camp

Volunteer Needs

    • ​If you are interested in, or would like to nominate someone to, being part of our camp board, please contact our President, Mike Jester. Board members are those who have a heart for what is best for the overall spiritual well-being of Camp Wesley. They are active participants in the meetings and year-round activities of Camp Wesley and are willing to be at board meetings, pray for the camp, the camp's attendees, future and possible attendees. Board members must always have the entire needs of the camp, now and future, in mind as planning takes place. The financial decisions are placed on the board's shoulders among all other decisions, great or small, and must take place under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, each board member should have first and foremost an abiding relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ. (This provides only a framework for a board member and is in no way a full description.)
    • ​Weekly to monthly mowing is needed depending on the time of year
    • Limb pick-up
    • Leaf removal
    • Camp shut-down & Camp opening (these are too extensive to make a list here)
    • Painting projects - inside and outside
    • Landscaping projects
    • Light construction projects (fixing drywall, replacing windows, etc.)
  • YOUTH MINISTRIES - 12 yrs to 18 yrs old
    • ​Adult leaders for camp - (6 nights) 21 yrs old and over, men and women
    • Men to work security during the night (6 nights)
    • Qualified CDL drivers
    • ​Adult leaders for camp (3 nights) - 18 yrs old and over, men and women
    • Youth leaders for camp - 14 yrs to 17 yrs old
    • Qualified nurse (2 nights)
    • Men to work security during the night (2 nights)
    • Preschool and nursery helpers (11 nights)
      • One person needed to work one or more nights to assist our Preschool Director during camp meeting
    • Anyone 14 yrs old and older who would like to help in the children's services during camp meetings - sit with the children during the service, sing songs with us, participate in the games, pray with the children, etc.