Camp Wesley's history spans 80 years. As early as 1936, a small group of Christians organized by Mr. M.C. Scercy erected the first arbor on the property of G.L. Rogers in rural Rowan County, North Carolina.

In 1946, M.C. Scercy's nephew, Rev. William Scercy, felt led of the Lord to organize a camp meeting board. Several selected men with interest in beginning a camp meeting gathered at the home of Mr. Ray Daniels of Kannapolis, NC on September 6, 1946. The motion carried to name the camp, "Camp Wesley Interdenominational Holiness Camp".

The first camp meeting was held August 1-10, 1947. The group soon purchased a five-acre plot of land from Mr. G.L. Rogers, still the current site of Camp Wesley. The first permanent buildings on the grounds were a 60' by 80' open-air tabernacle and a small dining hall. Today, nine buildings cover the Camp Wesley grounds including a new fellowship center completed in 2006.

With an eye toward the future, the Camp Wesley board purchased an additional five acres adjoining the property with plans for recreational areas, an additional dormitory and RV/camper space. To further aid in Camp Wesley's development, an additional tract measuring 140 by 150 feet adjacent to the camp was donated to Camp Wesley during the 1999 Camp Meeting.

Mike Jester, Camp President, and the Camp Wesley directors look forward to many years of continued ministry in the community.




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Mooresville, North Carolina

          Ministering to the entire family through Christ-centered activities, events and building relationships.

Welcome to Camp Wesley, established in 1947. We are located between Kannapolis and Mooresville, North Carolina. Camp Wesley is an interdenominational camp.  In June of each year, we hold a camp meeting which is held for 11 nights. Camp meeting begins on Thursday and continues for the next week and a half ending on Sunday.  Most of those in attendance travel in each evening from the surrounding areas. However, there are some people that choose to bring their camper and stay on-site. For a nominal fee there are campsites available with hookups.

Details about this year's camp schedule and guests for camp 2020 will soon be posted on the 2019-20 Plans page. You can see past years' schedules and brochures on that page.

Youth Camp is a highlight for Camp Wesley. Youth arrive on Sunday and stay on the campgrounds for six nights, leaving on Saturday around noon. Rev. Todd Hinson is our Youth Ministries Director. Todd and those that work with him plan a wonderful camp experience for the youth. Visit the Youth page for the details on youth camp and for online camp registration and forms. (Registration will be open mid-April.)

Children also have a blast at Camp Wesley! Each night during the services, preschoolers 2-4, and children ages 5-11 have worship services of their own. Rev. Stephanie Young is our Children's Ministries Director and has a fantastic team of adults and teens love planning active worship services for them. Emily Ellis is our Preschool Director and has a great team who has fun and engaging ways to teach the Bible to our little ones! Check out this years info, theme and Camp Jrs info on our Children's Page.

2020 will be our sixth year for Camp Juniors, and we've expanded the ages to include five year olds!  Dates this year are June 18-20. Get the details on the Children's page and register for camp (registration will be open mid-April). Volunteers, adult and teens ages 12 and older, can register for cabin leaders, activities, camp name it.  We're looking forward to another camp with loads of fun and faith building!

​​Camp Wesley's heart breaks at the loss of lives during this pandemic. It breaks for those frantically trying to break the code of this virus so less people have to suffer from it and lives can be saved. It breaks at our and our children's loss of community from work, social events, sporting events, school, and activities. It also breaks for the hunger we have to see our brothers and sisters when we would share, encourage, listen or just offer a hug during the week at church, small groups or impromptu meetings.

​However, we have hope. When we're in the middle of chaos, trying to find the answers in our own little patch of dirt, God, the Great Shepherd, leads us to a plush, green pasture and quite waters. There are always answers, but we will never find them running in circles and leaning on our own understanding. Allow Jesus to lead you and the answers will become clear. This is what churches and ministries have had to do during this crisis in order to minister to each other and their communities during this crazy time.

Camp Wesley is doing the same. We understand that June is just not a good time for us to hold a camp where everyone will be in tight quarters, and youth and children staying in dorm rooms together overnights. We made a prayerful and very difficult decision to postpone our 11-day camp until an undetermined date either late summer or early fall 2020. We also decided we would need to shorten the days and not have the full 11 days.

​Please join us in prayer for what Camp Wesley ministries 2020 will need to look like in order to minister to each generation, each individual and the corporate camp. Thank you for your continued love and support. We will do our best to keep you informed here and on all our social platforms.   @CampWesleyNC   #CampWesleyNC

Walking with you,

Camp Wesley Board