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fall & spring REFRESH retreats

As a follow-up to our summer camp, we have two retreats: one in October and one in March/April.  It seemed like such a long time from summer to summer, so we decided to get together and be REFRESHed in between.  We have a smaller crowd because of the seasons and different activities, but it also gives those who will be coming to camp the next year a chance to experience Camp Wesley on a shorter and smaller basis.

The weekend retreats are a little quieter, less busy time when we still have a lot of fun.  But those weekends give us time to spend with each other more than we do at summer camp.  The services are just as great and Pastor Todd and the youth pastors do the devotionals, messages and planning for the weekends.​

REFRESH FALL 2021 - OCTOBER REFRESH has been cancelled due

                              to rising COVID issues. We want to keep

                              everyone as safe as possible. Plans for 

                               SPRING REFESH underway!!


What kinds of things happen at ​summer youth camp? Hmm, just about everything fun! Let me see if I can list just a few:

  1. Team challenges...a.k.a. stupid, goofy, crazy games all the time
  2. Carrigan Farms swim day - oh, and the best hamburgers and watermelon!
  3. Food, food and more food
  4. Great worship bands
  5. The game room
  6. The Pit
  7. ​Midnight Bowling
  8. What could be better than that?​ Maybe Pastor Todd as our camp director...woohoo!

We do have a lot of fun, but we also have amazing moments around the altar with our friends.  We know that the messages given to us are prayed over and are just what God has for us at that very moment to encourage, refresh, challenge and strengthen us.  So come see for yourself.  You won't believe it until you do!

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