Please complete the online form below to register for youth camp.

NOTE:  In order to complete your registration, you will also need to:
       1) Complete the Student/Parent Consent and Health History Form*
       2) Submit Payment* online to complete registration.

         *Links to these are in STEPS 2 & 3 below the online registration form

Online registration:  E-mail confirmation within 48 hours. / Questions/concerns?  E-mail Pastor Todd:

If payments or forms are not completed online, they should be sent to the following:
Mail to: Camp Wesley Youth Camp, 
PO Box 1116, Kannapolis, NC 28082

               (Make checks payable to: Camp Wesley Youth Camp)

After completing this online form you will be directed back to this page

to complete your payment through PayPal​​

youth camp:: june 23-29, 2019

Please click the SUBMIT button when you are finished. THE PAGE WILL REMAIN.

ONLY the form will disappear from page when submitted correctly. 

THIS PAGE DOES NOT CHANGE. Then you may continue to STEPS 2 & 3 below. Thank you!

See you at Youth Camp 2019!

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Mooresville, North Carolina

STEP 1) youth camp online registration:

STEP 2) forms

STEP 3) payment

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​​​​​​1) You're almost there! Now, let's get your forms completed. Download form packet here: YouthCampHEALTH&REGCOMPLETE2019.pdf

2) Every teen and adult MUST have "The Pit" Waiver Form completed at registration: The Pit Waiver under 16    The Pit Waiver 16 & older
3) Then do ONE of the following:
    a.  Print the forms, complete and bring them with you on June 23rd.
    b.  Print the forms, complete and mail them to the address above by June 16th.
    c.  Print, complete, scan and e-mail the forms to the e-mail address above by June 16th. (This is so adequate food can be purchased.)

Last step! Payment options:
    a.  Cash, check or money order brought with you to registration on June 23rd
    b.  Check or money order mailed to the address above with completed form or e-mail confirmation
    c.  PAYPAL - to simplify the registration process this is the best option. Choose the option below that best fits your needs.

                                   1 camper full payment = $85.00                                                           1 camper 1/2 payment = $42.50 (church pays 1/2)

                                    2 campers full payment = $170.00                                                      2 campers 1/2 payment = $85.00 (church pays 1/2)

                                    3 campers full payment = $255.00                                                     3 campers 1/2 payment = $127.50 (church pays 1/2)


There are several events planned for our youth throughout the year - summer camp, a spring retreat and a fall retreat. Online registration and printable forms are available here.

Want more information about what we do at camp and our fall and spring retreats?