Mooresville, North Carolina

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June 20th through 29nd children 3-11 years old will have worship experiences at Camp Wesley, too! We begin each evening together with songs, a game and some type of fun introduction to the night's Bible verse and lesson. Then we split up into smaller groups according to ages so the children can experience what God has for them on a deeper level. At the end of the night, we all come back together for a wrap-up and closing prayer time.

For 2019 we will learn how to appreciate that God made each us different on purpose. The lives of Jacob and Esau will give us a good look at how two people didn't do such a good job at appreciating their gifts for a long time. We are to be the light of Christ, the hope of the world that he is to us. Just like a lighthouse shines brightly on dangerous shores, offering guidance, hope and helps in navigating to safety, Jesus offers that to us so we can be that light to others.

Volunteers for night services: We can't wait to celebrate together this year. Join us if you will! We have lots of places where you can have fun and minister to children and their families. If you would like to help out one or more nights in the nursery, preschool or elementary areas, please email Pastor Stephanie at or message via Facebook.  (We have reached our capacity for Camp Juniors volunteers and are not accepting any applications for June 20-22.)

Check-in and out: Parents, please bring your children to the activity room and sign them in where we begin our night!  Then pick them up and sign them out at the end of the night. The only exception would be if it were raining. We don't want the preschoolers to have to make the trip back down to the activity room during the rain. In this case, they would be signed out and picked up at the nursery/children's house.

A nursery is provided during the nightly services for birth through 35 months in the "children's house".