3 CAMPERS: (1/2) $82.50 - if church pays half

STEP 3) payment (by June 2nd $45; $55 on June 3rd)

​Last step! Payment options:
    a.  Full payment now below through PAYPAL.
    b.  If your church pays half, you may chose Half payment below through PAYPAL and bring the remaining half by check or cash to registration on June 16th.
    c.  Due to safety and protocols related to COVID-19, we are not taking mail-in payments. 

Rev. Stephanie Young, Children's Ministries

camp juniors:: 5 to 11 yrs old!

STEP 1) online camp registration

Online registration:  You will receive an email confirmation within 48 hours.

Questions/concerns?  Email Pastor Stephanie at children.campwesley@gmail.com

Kids Camp june 16-18, 2022

*​​Download, print, & complete the Camp Jrs Health & Medical Release Forms here: 2022 Children's Health & Medical Forms

* Be sure to bring them on June 16th at registration.  Registration is open from 3-5 pm in front of the tabernacle.

2 CAMPERS: $110.00


Each night of camp meeting, our 3 to 11 year olds have a worship service. We also offer a two-night overnight camp for 5 to 11 year olds. We were so excited to be back at camp for 2021! Find out what our children learned and did during camp meeting services HERE. Our new theme and info for 2022 will be up very soon. Registration begins April 1st.

3 CAMPERS: $165.00

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NEW YouTube Channel Videos! Watch our videos from 2020 Stay-At-Home Series.

Fun games, songs, activities and Bible stories ages 3-11. Grab your parents too!

2 CAMPERS: (1/2) $55.00 - if church pays half

Austin & Anna Steele,

Asst. Camp Jr Directors

(Children ages 5-11)​

1 CAMPER: $55.00


If you REGISTER by June 2nd, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and your $45 price per camper will be locked in.

Payment can be made in full online OR if your church is paying half, you can choose that option.

Please let us know if you have questions with payment: children.campwesley@gmail.com

Early Bird $45 ... TWO MORE DAYS!

$55 begins 6/3 and Registration Closes 6/13


Emily Ellis, Preschool Dir

(Kids ages birth-4)

After completing this online form you will be directed back to this page

to download forms & to complete your payment through PayPal​​​

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THIS PAGE DOES NOT CHANGE. Then continue to STEPS 2 & 3 below. Thank you!

1 CAMPER: (1/2) $27.50 - if church pays half

STEP 2) medical release form